Avram with Junior

Avram Lavinsky was born during the year of the snake in a movie theater on Manhattan’s Lower East Side about halfway through Zorba the Greek.  He was trained in violin under the Suzuki method at age four, utterly mastering “Hot Cross Buns” but was never able to pronounce the name of his teacher, Mrs. Wartley. It always came out “vuttley.”  However, his superior talent as a nay-sayer became apparent at a young age.  After dropping out of Stanford University to join Dreamspeak, Avram was offered an impromptu seat at the piano performing with Carlos Santana at Madison Square Garden, two record contracts, and a gig playing for President Bill Clinton during his second term. He said nay to all.

Billy Cohen

Can’t listen to whole show. Gotta sleep. 13 hrs at the desk and 13 hours tomorrow. A few things I gotta say. Thank you Mom! Sick Jams. Sick playing all around. Sweet Belly Groove. Sick sounds, fuckin Avram, you are a sick genius., the noises that you make. 22 tunes, 2 covers and “I’m Telling Mommy” is not the same kind of cover as “Love The One You Are With.” Though, both, iconic to me. Even in the short tunes, the band jams. 22 tunes, there are some long ones with epic jams but the band wanted to play all those songs, those songs wanted to get played. Ha, we are the Ramon’s’s of Jam Bands. Then again, we’re no Rod Stewart Hair Vince Budnick…. I mean, we’re no Jam Band! We are the innovating pioneers who created Psycho Electric Organic Boogie Rock! Dulces Suenños.