Photographer Steve Eichner has always been right at the center of the action, zooming in on the passing parade of people and places that comes to life every night in the City That Never Sleeps. Since landing in New York City in 1986, Steve's captured blink-and-you-miss-it moments at both emerging and established hotspots, and taken on-the-fly shots of everyone from Lower East Side denizens to Met Gala glitterati, along with iconic formal portraits of A-list fashionistas like Lady Gaga, Cameron Diaz and Karl Lagerfeld. Equally at home on the red carpet and the back alleys behind a club, Steve comes armed with a slew of credentials as well as his arsenal of lenses. His years as house photographer for glitzy Club Kids night spots like Limelight and Palladium are showcased in his forthcoming book In the Limelight: The Visual Ecstasy of NYC Club Culture in the 90s. During his two-decade stint as staff photographer for Women's Wear Daily (1997-2016), Steve shot more than 40 New York Fashion Weeks, and his photos have appeared in a host of national publications, including Vogue, The New York Times, Newsweek, Time, Rolling Stone, People, Vanity Fair, Cosmopolitan, W Magazine, Details, and GQ. While Steve is a master at wielding the tools of his trade, what really makes his photos shine is his knack for capturing the essence of his subjects. It's a rare gift, built on trust. For unlike the paparazzi, Steve doesn't stalk his prey. He makes his camera become a mirror in which people can see themselves as they want to be.

In the Limelight: The Visual Ecstasy of NYC Nightlife in the 90s

Dive into the 1990s New York club scene with never-before-seen photos by its most prolific photographer, Steve Eichner.

David Cohen

I want to share a particularly fond memory from this show, or, rather, from after this show. Turns out 9/21/88 was Yom Kippur, and I was fasting. As the show began to wind down with the setting of the sun, I was damn hungry and looking for fellow fasters and anyone else who might feel the need to eat an entire day's worth of food in one sitting. I think I started talking to Jared, and from there word went around far enough to get something like 6-12 of pointed in the direction of nearby Little India. No idea who was in the group other than Psychner and, I'm almost positive, Ethan (so maybe Lila as well?). All I know is that we picked a random Indian restaurant, I said something about being hungry enough to eat everything in the place, and Steve ran with it, gleefully shouting, "bring us one of everything" when the waiter came by. Said waiter didn't miss a beat, just collected the menus and wandered off. A few minutes later we were still laughing about this, wondering what the upshot was going to be, when food started appearing - and it didn't stop. Dish after dish rolled out of the kitchen onto our table, and we all stuffed ourselves silly on a truly ridiculous amount of food. At some point someone finally realized that food costs money and LOTS of food probably costs lots of money, raised this issue with us, and a wee bit of worry rippled through the group when the waiter finally showed up with a bill that we figured could be just as shocking and absurd as everything else about this meal. People were starting to note the collective paucity of cash when we noticed that our feast came out to less than $10/person. Insanity. Best fast breaking ever.