Sean-O grew up in Glen Head, NY where he became friends with Willie and Tommy through the local Summer Theater Program. After returning from LeMoyne College with an English/Education Degree in 1985, Sean would play local bars in the duo "Pure Instinct", with Willie & Tommy occasionally sitting in. As the first dreamspeak rehearsals began, they brought Avram and Doug along as well. Once dreamspeak started performing Sean would sit in on the occasional cover, and the band started to learn some of his original songs. He took part in the band's winter 86 Northern California shows and joined the band full time shortly after their return to NY.

Following the break up of dreamspeak Sean-O moved to Albuquerque NM, where he formed Apricot Jam with Lewi Longmire and James Whiton. The trio, and their unique "psych-acoustic-organic-boogie rock" quickly became the biggest band in NM and started touring regionally. Remarkably Sean-O also managed to find time to further pursue his education . Receiving an MA in English Literature from the University of New Mexico in 1994.

In 1998 Apricot Jam relocated to Portland OR to be closer to the regional ,music scene they had thrived in while touring. That change spawned other changes among the members, and the band broke up in 1999.

Sean settled in Portland. Today he is married with two children, and serves as a Library Assistant for the Multnomah County Library. Sean still plays music and even gigs on occasion, including in the acoustic duo "The Dirigible Brothers" with Matt Zekala.